Hey there, my name is Taylor Hoke + I'm so glad you're here! As most clients visiting are new here, allow me to give you a look into who I am.

  • Illuminated Canvas is not my main/only job. I work full time for county law enforcement reporting crime statistics.

  • I'm a mom of two handsome boys.

  • Breakfast is my go-to meal, anytime of the day.

  • I'm a true crime junkie. You can find me listening to all true crime podcasts or watching documentaries on any streaming service to get my fix.

I am SO excited to be in my fourth year of business. Illuminated Canvas has brought me an abundance of joy, so many new friendships, + has taught me an exceptional amount about myself. I can't thank my past clients enough for trusting me + being part of the reason I am here today. Thank you for coming along on this journey.


associate photographer

Hello, I'm Macy Farrell. As I just recently joined the Illuminated Canvas team, I figured I would let you know a few fun facts about myself!

  • I am currently in my first year of college studying small business + entrepreneurship, and I received my real estate license at the end of 2022.

  • My favorite meal is chicken tenders + french fries (with ranch of course).

  • I LOVE the show Friends and have watched all ten seasons over SEVEN times.

I am joining Illuminated Canvas as the lead Videographer + Associate Photographer to Taylor, who also happens to be my oldest sister. I look forward to meeting you all and capturing you on your special day!

Thank you for being here.

Illuminated Canvas Photography + Design has been rebranded into

Illuminated Canvas Creative Studio. As they still offer Graphic Design services, you will not see it advertised as it was. Macy + Taylor want to take their business in a new direction by offering Videography services to their couples + families. They have partnered up to give all clients the greatest possibility to create + capture everlasting memories with their closest people.


Avya Solutions

Illuminated Canvas is proud & lucky enough to partner with Avya Solutions. Denise has a strong background with years of experience in Business Management, specializing in reporting + marketing services. Denise believes offering a variety of services to meet her client's needs can help business owners retain their current customers, grow their book of business, + will allow more time for them to do what they do best, providing the services + products their customers love! She has been such a blessing to Illuminated Canvas + continues to help in our business progressing.