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Tis the season for some winter fun! We are knee deep in the holiday season, but winter is not over yet. This is the perfect opportunity to get some winter/holiday photos for the cards you send out to family and friends every year. Encompass you and your growing family in a cozy photo shoot indoors or outdoors, if you can brave the weather!

If you are planning an outdoor winter photoshoot, we have some quick tips that can help keep you and your group prepared, warm and happy. Here’s a few tips and expectations to have ahead of time as we go into this winter photos season!

December 2021 | The Tolley Family

Dress Warm

The #1 rule to have during these sessions is to dress for the weather. We are located in one of the most northern states, Wisconsin so it’s expected to need some extra layers during this time of year.

Wear at least 2 layers like a light long sleeved shirt and sweater, warm pants and if you can, layer those socks! Ladies if you’re going for a dress or skirt without thick leggings wear sweatpants in between shoots. Wear the heavy coats and if you feel like you can take it off for part or all the session then you can choose to do so. It’s better to be over prepared with more layers, than under prepared and end up sick or too cold to finish.

Bring on the Winter Accessories/blankets

Scarves, mittens, warm boots and more! One of the best parts of this season are the accessories. Maybe you don’t want to have multiple outfits, but you can pick and choose what to wear for each photo. A hat on here, then a scarf on in the next one, there are so many ways to stretch yours and your groups look throughout your session.

Bring a blanket you can warm up in between shots, maybe you can even get a few shots with the blanket. Having a few blankets little ones can cozy up in as you finish doing what you need to do can keep them warm allowing you more time.

February 2022 | Winter Session

Plan some winter activities

You can get creative with this season depending on the weather. If its clear but cold maybe bring a football or Frisby and have the family play catch. If there is snow you can utilize maybe, you can plan ahead and bring equipment to build a snowman or have a snowball fight. The best shots are candid and, in the moment, so think of some fun activities that will allow you all to have fun together.

Expect the unexpected

The winter season is unpredictable, I think most are aware of that. As you plan your sessions these can be planed months in advance and weather alerts don’t come in until 2 weeks before the shoot. 

Keep in communication with your photographer about the weather wherever you are getting photos done and if it’s too cold to be outside for too long, talk to your photographer. As exciting as getting photos in it’s also equally important to stay safe in this season. 

Winter Session

Scope out the location

If you are planning a shoot in a park or anywhere outside, you may want to check out the grounds you and your family will be around. Is the sidewalk and parking lot plowed and salted? Is the playground equipment safe if you have little ones that may try to play on it? How well is the property maintained in this season? The last thing you want is anyone getting hurt. This is something you and your photographer can discuss further. 

December 2021 | Holiday Photos

If you decide to brave the cold this season for your photoshoot, remember to dress warm, think of activities you can do, expect the unexpected with the weather, scope out the location, and bring winter accessories/blankets. Don’t forget to talk to your photographer about what else they would suggest during this season for being prepared and location so they can ensure your photoshoot goes without a hitch!

Happy Holidays from our families to yours!

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