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So, you have found someone you want to take the next step with and now you are wondering “what now?” You’ve done your research on the perfect date and location, gave the inside scoop to close family and friends, and that ring you have spent days looking for is burning a hole in your pocket. It’s time! But before you stop planning there is one more thing that is so often overlooked: How do you want to document the moment?

One of the best things to look back on after getting married would be the photos of the moment you asked. This isn’t one of those things you just do on a whim, so why not take the opportunity to document the start of your “I do” moments. 

Now, how can you get quality photos you and your partner will LOVE and cherish forever? Like many things in life, including electrical work on a new home, leave it to the professionals before someone gets hurt. Hire a professional photographer. They can help capture both of your reactions, give you quality images to share with friends and family AND allow your intimate and beautiful moment be just between you two. Need more convincing? Below are five reasons you should hire a photographer.

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Capturing the PERFECT moment

Let’s set the scene… you’ve decided to pop the question at your partners favorite local restaurant, talked to the crew and picked the perfect table right in the corner. You want to get their reaction, so you put your phone up on the table at an angle.

The moment comes, you pop the question, everyone cheers, their crying and smiling, such a beautiful moment you will both cherish forever. You go to pick up your phone off the table and BAM you find it lying face down on the table. You rush to your recordings and you see that right before you pulled out the ring it fell after someone knocked into the table not knowing what you were about to do. The moment has come and gone with no way to relive it.

Having a photographer in the distance can ensure nothing like that happens. Their equipment ready to go preventing photobombs of random people in the background or maybe even in front of your video right as you get on your knee undenounced to you because the lady with the khakis must watch you right in front of your phone!

You can rest assured that there will be nothing like that, no equipment failures or crazy mishaps and you have someone who can help make problems in your shots vanish with some photo shopping skills. Don’t risk it and receive your beautiful images of you and your partner planning the next steps in your lives together.

keeping it intimate

To invite family/friends or to not invite family/friends? This is the question. Some couples may want to celebrate with loved ones around, one thing to consider is if you want it to be a surprise. Having your partners family and friends show up may be a big give away so if you want it to be a surprise to the very end keep it intimate or keep them away until after the proposal.

No matter the choice getting those photos to share with loved ones who couldn’t make it can make up for the fact they were not invited to the actual proposal. Another plus is you can also relive that moment with each other or your future children when you talk about how you two fell in love and decided it was time to settle down.

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Your partner will love them!

Having a photographer available is not just about the moment and sharing it with others either. It’s also about getting photos of your partner in a way that makes them feel beautiful/handsome. They will get all the good angles and edit out any imperfections that they might not like keeping the self-conscious worries about posting photos on social media away because they will look and feel stunning!

Bad hair day? No biggie. They weren’t prepared with their best outfit and makeup done? Who cares, your photographer will get the best shots of them that will STILL capture the parts of them you fell in love with too.

Think long term

Thinking long term is just a bonus to hiring a photographer. If you enjoyed your experience and got back what you wanted that could be one less thing you have to worry about for your wedding. They could end up being your engagement and wedding photographer all in one!

This is a great opportunity to test someone out for those next steps in your engagement and future wedding, securing someone quickly on whatever date you both decide on. This will be one less big decision you will need to worry about during your chaotic wedding planning phase. 

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There is so much that goes into planning your proposal from your speech, outfit and avoiding the friend or family member that might give it all away. You can rest easy knowing however you plan to go about this process, communication with your photographer on how it goes will give you an inside person that can help make the moment special. You don’t have to go it alone and do everything. Ask your photographer their thoughts, location suggestions and best times of day to get the best images. They have your best interest at heart to give you the very best results!

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