Written by Denise Quinn

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We are excited to announce that videography will be available starting January 2023! We are hanging our hats to a successful 2022 and paving the way to documenting the big things in your life in more ways than we had before. Bring on the laughs, love, tears of joy, and growing families as we bring your photos to life in any event.

But what is videography and why is it important? Here are six reasons you should add videography to your special event! 

Taylor & Macy | Photography & Videography Team!

Relive It

Bring your photos to life by having a video that shows you the emptions of your big day. From seeing your dads face when he first gives you away to the jokes that come into play. You can relive your day in real time for any event such as, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more.

Video has taken the world by storm with giving more than just visuals. You can feel and react to it as our team will put your video together in a way that makes you smile again and again.


The same ways a photographer encourages guests to keep their phones away from taking photos, having a videographer will discourage them from the need to take any videos so they can rest easy and relax knowing you will be able to see all those big moments you wish to remember. Encourage them instead to just be present and enjoy the moment by allowing us to take care of the rest for you.


You can’t be in 2 places at once and most don’t see the set up or preparations that go into events. In weddings the bride and groom are typically separated most of the morning. Having a videographer can help your bride or groom see those moments from her preparing with her girls to him cheering with his men. You can see the behind the scenes never seen before by filming the unscripted moments in between.


Thinking about those too young to remember or not here yet, this is something you can give to the children as they get older. Time is precious, having something specifically made to memorialize you or your loved ones is something they can cherish forever. 

Creative freedom

With a videographer you can not only get a video to share that has the best moments, but the editing process allows more creative freedom from music to how it all comes together. More than just speeches and cheers but the effects of your video will make it all come together so you’ll want to watch it over and over again! 

We wanted to open this year with this option for you to have more than one way to memorialize your special event. Allowing you to relive It as many times as you wish. For guests to stay present without electronics getting in the way. Giving any absentee guests a way to see your big day when they couldn’t be there. Giving you or your loved ones a glimpse behind the scenes. Providing keepsakes for future generations. With the creative freedom we can bring your day to life again for you and those you love!

Your day is worth it. Think about adding videography for your big day, no matter the event you can take advantage of having a video for many years to come!

Thank you for joining our journey through 2022.

Cheers to 2023 and the blessings it will bring from our families to yours!

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